Bega World War One - Images of History

These historical images originally formed the commemorative 'Images of Our History, Bega Valley' calendar of 2015 - the theme that year was 'World War One: the War Years'. The calendar was produced by the Bega Valley Shire Library showcasing photographs selected from collections held by the Bega Valley Shire Library, the Bega Valley Historical Society, the Eden Killer Whale Museum and local historian, Kate Clery.

Between 2014 and 2018, Australia commemorated various World War One milestones, marking 100 years since Australia’s involvement in World War One. One hundred years is a long time for photographs to survive from an era when photography was not commonplace and ‘selfies’ were unheard of! Finding suitable photographs for the 2015 calendar was challenging and would not have been possible without the generous support of the Bega Valley Historical Society, the Eden Killer Whale Museum and Ms Clery.

The introduction to the calendar reads:

"The aim of this calendar is to acknowledge our community’s varied experiences of World War One and to remember the impact the war had on our region. About 200 men from our region lost their lives in World War One. Many more went away to fight. These men were supported by a home front of family and community members. Families waited anxiously at home for news of their loved ones, communities held fundraising events to support Australia’s war effort and towns collectively celebrated homecomings for returning soldiers. This calendar contributes towards creating a record of our region’s past during those tumultuous World War One years."

We hope you appreciate these historical photographs, taken from the calendar.

Lest We Forget.