BorrowBox Library App on iPhone

Magazines now available in BorrowBox

BorrowBox works exactly like a traditional library, only with digital content, and includes e-magazines, e-audio and e-books instead of physical items. To start using BorrowBox simply go online, or download the app on your Apple or Android device. It’s then as simple as logging in with your library membership card number and your password, which is your 8 digit birthdate DDMMYYYY.

Once signed in, you can access the thousands of e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines that the library subscribes to, all for free! Books can be borrowed at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  Once you've downloaded the books, you don't even need to remain online. If a book is currently out on loan, you can reserve it and get your copy once the book is available.  If you haven't finished it after your loan period you can renew it, and if you finish it early you can return it and get another one.  You can borrow up to 5 items at once.  This amount includes any items you have on reserve.

BorrowBox can be accessed via your computer, smartphone, iPad, Android tablet or eBook reader (eg. Nook).  

You may have to install eBook reading software like Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. 

Can you download Borrowbox items to a Kobo ereader?

Yes, you can by downloading of Adobe Digital Editions first. This guide has more information.

Can you download Borrowbox items to a Kindle?

It depends which type of Kindle you have. The Amazon Kindle Fire does allow applications to be loaded onto the device, which will allow BorrowBox to be downloaded and accessed.  Amazon has closed off Kindle Paperwhite to purchasing and accessing content through other channels. You can only download via Amazon.

Magazines were migrated from Overdrive Libby to BorrowBox in early July 2023.

Do you need some help with setting up and using BorrowBox? We now have a video that is the perfect introduction to BorrowBox for new users – especially those who might be using digital services for the first time. It covers all of the key functionality from downloading the app to borrowing a title, and shows just how easy BorrowBox is to use!

  • To install on an apple device, visit the App store and search for BorrowBox.  
  • To install on an android device, visit the Play store and search for BorrowBox.   
  • You can also access via a computer.

If you need help, ask one of our Library Officers for assistance.